Market Inn

16 Butcher Row, Salisbury
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Salisbury's historic Market Place dates back to 1227
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Salisbury's historic Market Place dates back to 1227 and owes it's origins to the building of the new cathedral. Butcher Row is mentioned in the early 14th Century, and if you look around the Market Place, you will see that many of the nearby street names reflect the activities of the past.

The Market Place was to become one of the richest, busiest and important areas of land in Medieval England, in the 15th century stone crosses were added, marking the centres for certain trades and goods, today only the Poultry Cross remains.

The town stocks, pillory and whipping post stood in the Market Place opposite Blue Boar Row in the 18th century, and were last used in 1858 to punish a local drunk. Lime trees were planted around the Market Place in 1887 to commemorate Queen Victoria's golden jubilee and a statue erected to Henry Fawcett, the blind Postmaster-General who was born in nearby Queen Street.

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