Blog: August 2013


Did you know that a very enterprising new brewer has taken a small 'unit' on the Nuffield Industrial Estate, Wimborne and serves the people of the estate with fresh local -let's say Immediate - ales and ciders. The population of Nuffield Estate is 10,000 and they consume all he can produce. I really like that. Brewed,bottled and sold in the same place.


This is the local name for ALVEDISTON. Try and cover that 'helluvadistance' to find the simply gorgeous village pub called the THE CROWN INN. It looks like a pair of thatched cottages with no hint of pubyness from the outside apart from a roadside retro pub sign swirled about with old man's beard. It is the most perfect pun interior. The bar sprouts 5 ale pumps all attached to Local brewed beer barrels. One brew is named Alvediston. It is brewed only for the Crown. The two cottages blended together to form a pub is long and cosy and uncluttered.


Its back to that A338 corridor leading south out of Salisbury. Another 'road trip' for all of us . Perhaps start in Ringwood at the LONDON TAVERN It stands out by being miles from London and having wonderful events and music and of course buckets of ale.There is a 'garden in which to relax' ! who has time to relax with all those bands to watch.....then back up the A338 to Gorley;Whats the name of the famous pub there? answers on an email please for a free ticket to their next music night. By now its a taxi run.