Blog: April 2013

An amazing evening - what a voice!

Last night we went with friends for a meal at The Pheasant Inn in Salisbury (by Salt Lane Car Park). The purpose of our visit was to listen to Sandy Ince (StickyToffee Jazz) . The Pheasant put on a delicious three course meal with a glass of fizz and Sandy sang two sets, finishing at 10.30pm.


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Sticky Toffee Jazz!

I am going to see Sticky Toffee Jazz on Thursday at The Pheasant in Salt Lane - really looking forward to it! I will report back as soon as I can! The other day I had a very relaxing cup of coffee in the Cozy Club - nearly forgot I had shopping to do!!

Have you come across a band in Salisbury that you want to shout about? Either put the event on Locally yourself or let me know (

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Have you seen STICKY TOFFEE JAZZ yet ? They are on the loose in Salisbury. Go and see them at Victoria and Albert pub ,Netherhampton followed by the Pheasant Inn,Salt Lane SALISBURY .And then up Castle Street at the Three Brewers .....lets help them make it big.Follow us .........Follow them. Tell your friends in SHAFTESBURY who will tell their friends in WIMBORNE who might have friends in BLANDFORD ...and we create a mob following. Somebody tell the Victoria and Albert to stock up on supplies.

Have you been to the Borough Cafe, Downton yet ? Come on...............