About Locally

About Locally

From its original idea borne out of the distress and despair of the founder at having missed yet another ‘live’ performance of the band PLANE JANE : the company of Locallydoesit has put its shoulder to the wheel and produced an events guide that winkles out the tiniest ‘circus’ performing on a windswept hillside in Wiltshire to the greatest and most widely popular gathering held in the local area (26 miles from the centre of Salisbury).

The DON’T MISS IT - DON’T BE MISSED Locally chorus is the anvil upon which we hammer out the simple message – it is quite simply well worth flying your ‘flyer’ on the fantastic world wide web because everyone ‘switched-on’ will see it and your event and your restaurant will be over-night---SOLD OUT -

We at Locally derive the greatest pleasure from talking to the very talented performers, artists, musicians and promoters: dramatists, drama queens, sculptors and quiz-night promoters: chefs, cooks and front-of house people who all go to their work with an energy and passion conjured by the few.

Never before have all your treats been on one plate – on one screen. Please enjoy the experience and tell your friends.

Never again will you sit at home whilst the next village rocks to your favourite band.
Never again will you be bored on a Friday night.
Never again will the local Drama Club play to a half empty hall.

Locally is for the full-time/part-time, casual fan of fantastic local music.
Locally is for the follower of many interests.
Locally is for the curious and inquisitive.

Tune into locallydoesit.com and plan the next bit of your life.